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♦ EFLsuccess.com was created by Michael Krigline (www.krigline.com) and friends as a place to post materials for English learners and English teachers. Michael is an American who has been “teaching and learning” in China since 2000. All photos, songs, materials, etc. are copyright ©2016 Michael Krigline unless otherwise noted, and were created under our understanding of “fair use” for educational purposes. Visitors are allowed to copy/use them if you abide by our “Standards and Use Policy” (in sum: for non-commercial purposes, and attributed to this website). This website is maintained primarily for the benefit of my students and colleagues, and the many others around the globe who seek to use English as a tool for success in the real world.
♦ EFLsuccess.com是一个由林麦克(www.krigline.com)及其朋友们创建的网站,用以发布供英语学习者和英语教师使用的材料。麦克是美国人,从2000年起就在中国“教书和学习”。除非另行标注,所有图片、歌曲和材料等的版权都属©2016 Michael Krigline所有。这些内容是基于我们对“正当使用”的理解,本着教育的目的而创作的。访问者被允许对其进行拷贝/使用,前提是遵守我们的“标准和使用规则”(简而言之:用于非商业目的,并注明本网站为出处)。维持本网站主要是为我的学生和同事,以及全球使用英语以谋求在现实世界中获取成功的人们提供便利。


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Monthly English Corner & Weekly Quote

  • April English Corner

    As I always tell my students, the key ingredient in learning English is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. In practicing your listening skills, I would suggest that you watch and listen to the evening news, because most American news anchors speak in a standard Midwestern American accent. Watching videos and listening to the radio are also good ways to improve your listening. Of course, many video, news and radio programs are also on line. Concerning your speaking skills, you need to make an effort to get to know native speakers and practice. Reading and vocabulary development can be achieved by reading magazines and novels. I would especially suggest you read articles from the “Reader’s Digest” and work through their Word Power section. Even reading for ten minutes a day is very helpful on a regular basis. Well I hope these suggestions help, and I’ll see you next time at the English Corner. © Mark Peter, M.A. Used with permission.

    Mr. Peter was Michael’s colleague at the Agape English Language Institute of Limestone College (Columbia, SC). Throughout his career, Mark has taught English at many schools and universities, in the US and in China.

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All content ©2015 Michael Krigline unless otherwise noted. Most EFLsuccess.com materials can be considered “fair use” educational resources, available for class if used in accordance with our Website Standards and Use Policy (under "About Us"), which also talks about attribution and the use of cookies.

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