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We love movies, whether we are watching them in a theater or in our home. This collection of Study Guides gives you plot summaries, vocabulary, discussion questions and more, to help you enjoy these great films and improve your English.

Movies can be a great tool to help you improve your English, so EFLsuccess.com is building a collection of Movie Study Guides (look at the drop-down “EFL Movie Study Guides” menu) that give you plot summaries, vocabulary, discussion questions and more, to help you enjoy these great films and improve your English. ALSO look at the links on the bottom of this page!

EFL/ESL Teachers: Do you love using movies to help students too? Write to me, and maybe we can collaborate to add more guides to EFLsuccess.com. See “About us” for an email address.


movie-thanksDo you love movies? Turn them into effective language tools!

These EFL study guides can help turn great films into materials that promote English-for-success! The key difference between “movies for fun” and “movies to help your English” is repetition. I tell my students to (1) study the introductory information and vocabulary on the EFL Study Guide, (2) watch and enjoy the film with subtitles in their own language, (3) study the dialogs on the EFL Study Guide, (4) watch the film again with English subtitles, (5) discuss the movie using questions on the EFL Study Guide, and (6) review the dialogs again and then watch the film again with no subtitles. For a real challenge, watch again with no audio, and try to read the subtitles out loud in “real time”–this might be possible if you have followed the steps above!

Some of the films we have materials for (currently at www.krigline.com/movies.htm, but more migrate to EFLsuccess.com every week!):

  • Paulie: family comedy/drama that shows various aspects of US life; 91 minutes
  • Family Man: drama that shows American life, and the need to make wise choices; 2 hours
  • Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo: cartoon, family comedy, adventure; 100 minutes
  • Finding Forrester: drama with educational themes; under 2.5 hours
  • Patch Adams: comedy, drama, US history; dare to be different!; under 2 hours
  • Snoopy’s Christmas (actual title: A Charlie Brown Christmas): cartoon comedy & holiday classic; under 30 minutes
  • Last Holiday: comedy, drama–are you living out your “possibilities”?; under 2 hours
  • House MD: Pilot/Maternity/Christmas; episodes in a US TV series about medical diagnosticians; under 40 minutes
  • Return of the King (Lord of the Rings III); 11 Oscars! Drama, adventure, romance; 3:15 hr
  • Finding Neverland: friendship, drama and a bit of history; 100 min
  • Rudy: drama, sports; helping others succeed is a worthy goal; 2 hrs
  • Ben-Hur: 11 Oscars! Romance, action, drama, history; 3.5 hours
  • Ever After: romance, humor, and a bit of history; 2 hrs
  • Narnia 1: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; fantasy/adventure; 2 hrs
  • Narnia 2: Prince Caspian; fantasy/adventure
  • Lost Worlds, Life in the Balance: documentary about biological diversity & the environment; 40 min
  • Titanic: (there are several films on this subject) romance, drama, history; varying lengths
  • Second Hand Lions: comedy, drama; how do you know who/what to believe?; 2 hrs
  • Cool Runnings: the Olympics/sports, history, comedy; 2 hrs
  • Chariots of Fire: the Olympics/sports, history, values; 2 hours
  • Disney’s Jungle Book: cartoon, comedy, musical, adventure; 78 min
  • Air Bud (3)–World Pup: family comedy, sports, teen romance; 83 min
  • An American Tail: cartoon about immigration to the US in the 1800s; 80 min
  • Baby’s Day Out: comedy (without a lot of words!); 100 minutes
  • The Russians are Coming: comedy/drama that makes you laugh AND think!; 2:05 hours
  • Unstoppable: action, thriller (starring a train!) 98 min
In March 2006 we took a group of students and friends to see Narnia at a Kunming Theater (in English with Chinese subtitles)

In March 2006 we took a group of students and friends to see Narnia at a Kunming Theater (in English with Chinese subtitles)


Movies LinksMovie Links

The following links will get you even more information, pictures, etc., to help you enjoy your favorite English movies. (Sometimes they have even helped us create our Study Guides!)

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    As I always tell my students, the key ingredient in learning English is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. In practicing your listening skills, I would suggest that you watch and listen to the evening news, because most American news anchors speak in a standard Midwestern American accent. Watching videos and listening to the radio are also good ways to improve your listening. Of course, many video, news and radio programs are also on line. Concerning your speaking skills, you need to make an effort to get to know native speakers and practice. Reading and vocabulary development can be achieved by reading magazines and novels. I would especially suggest you read articles from the “Reader’s Digest” and work through their Word Power section. Even reading for ten minutes a day is very helpful on a regular basis. Well I hope these suggestions help, and I’ll see you next time at the English Corner. © Mark Peter, M.A. Used with permission.

    Mr. Peter was Michael’s colleague at the Agape English Language Institute of Limestone College (Columbia, SC). Throughout his career, Mark has taught English at many schools and universities, in the US and in China.

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