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Today, as the students in these photos demonstrate, the world is at your fingertips. Let EFLsuccess’ virtual collection of links for language students and teachers be your gateway to English success!

Whether you are an English-learner or EFL/ESL teacher, you should know that the World Wide Web is a remarkable resource! This section of EFLsuccess.com is here to link you to the help you need to successfully reach your language goals.

NOTES: Visiting websites can allow viruses into your computer. Be sure your anti-virus software is up to date! Since the web is constantly changing, it is impossible to keep up with broken links–if something doesn’t work, you might try to Google it! Also, many websites outside China do not always work inside China (where I used to teach); sorry if you can’t connect from your location. 

This page replaced Krigline.com/link.htm, or in China: http://www.krigline.com.cn/link.htm

Favorite Dictionaries:

Links for students:

Links for teachers (plus those listed above “for students”):

News & Internet:

(unfortunately, many news and “Google-related” sites are blocked in China)


We like to work with instrumental music playing, but you’ll find all kinds of music (and more) at the following sites:


Because we have spent over 15 years teaching in China, it should be no surprise that many of our resources were designed with Chinese students in mind. Here are some helpful resources about China.


There are LOTS of websites about America, but you may have missed these:


Every few years I seem to be looking for a new camera; here are some website I’ve found helpful.
  • Digital Photography review is very comprehensive and professional: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/. You’ll find some of the most in-depth reviews on the web, including “shutter lag” (the time between when you push the button and when the camera takes a photo–this is what I hate most about digital cameras). (I posted a review of the Canon A630 on that website)
  • One of best things about this UK website is a shutter lag comparison chart (but you can also navigate to good reviews, an advice section and more). http://www.cameras.co.uk
  • Additional sites with insightful reviews: http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech.htm, www.steves-digicams.com, www.epinions.com/Digital_Cameras (I have posted a review of the Canon A630 on that website, too)
  • I’ve posted lots of photos from China, the USA and elsewhere on my old website: http://www.krigline.com/photos.htm. That page also lists the cameras we’ve used over the years.

Family and Personal (links we like; maybe you will too!)

Other favorite links:

  • Support our foundation whenever you shop at Amazon! (I know this works in the US; not sure about elsewhere.) Sign up to help “Jian Hua Foundation” at {Smile.Amazon.com}
  •  Do you want to save money on your US mobile phone bill? Ting lets me pay for only what I use! {Click Here}


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Monthly English Corner & Weekly Quote

  • August English Corner

    This month we will look at two practical ways to improve your English. First, pick a video (i.e., movie) with a lot of action and call a friend who also wants to improve listening and speaking skills. Have one person face the TV and the other face away. Show a portion of the video but turn off the volume. The person facing the TV describes the scene to the person facing away. Then the person facing away describes what he heard. Finally, watch the video together with the sound to see how accurate you were. Than trade places, and do it again for other clips. Secondly, build up your vocabulary schema by making labels for the various objects, appliances, furniture, etc., around your home or apartment–each month, label many things you don’t know how to say in English. Every time you walk around your home you will see these labels and it will help to reinforce the vocabulary. It is also helpful to be able to associate the real object with the name in your memory. Visit again next month!  © Mark Peter, M.A. Used with permission.

    Mr. Peter was Michael’s colleague at the Agape English Language Institute of Limestone College (Columbia, SC). Throughout his career, Mark has taught English at many schools and universities, in the US and in China.
  • Aug 15

    The world seldom notices who the teachers are, but civilization depends on what they do and what they say.

    –unknown (probably some unknown teacher or a grateful student!)

    Note: A quote’s original source is not always known, and authenticity has not been verified. To find out about an author, type the name into a search engine (like Google or Baidu). One of my favorite quotations websites is: www.quotationspage.com. 51

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