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About us: ♦ was created by Michael Krigline ( and friends as a place to post materials for English learners and English teachers. Michael is an American who has been “teaching and learning” in China since 2000. All photos, songs, materials, etc. are copyright ©2017 Michael Krigline unless otherwise noted, and were created under […]


Hopefully, you reached this page because you made a donation… Thanks for using and supporting!   If you got here some other way, I’ll repeat something from the Standards and Use Policy page: Is everything “free” at Yes, but…  I’m very grateful to the many Netizens who keep my costs low by offering free […]

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By using this site, you agree to the Standards and Use Policy outlined on this page. Can others use materials from this site? The short answer is yes; website visitors may copy and use materials without the copyright owner’s specific permission, if the work is labeled: “from” or “adapted from,” and the copy […]


All content ©2018 Michael Krigline unless otherwise noted. Most materials can be considered “fair use” educational resources, available for class if used in accordance with our Website Standards and Use Policy (under “About Us”), which also talks about attribution and the use of cookies.

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