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Attention English-learners! If you are connected to the Internet, you are never far from some amazing places to practice and improve your English! Let this collection of links from students and teachers be your gateway to  improved English in the real world. (Remember that the virtual world is always changing, and sometimes dangerous–see “NOTES” at the bottom of this page.) At the moment, you’ll find tons of links on our old site:  (In China, my old website had a mirror at, but it seems to have disappeared in 2018. If you are trying to reach a particular page, REMOVE “.cn” and be sure all letters are lower case, not capitals.)

But while we work to test those links and add them to EFLsuccess, try these: [♥ means “favorite”]

♥ Dictionaries: Longman English Dictionary     Farlex Free Dictionary   Farlex for idioms    Princeton’s WordNetWeb dictionary (ESL resources, including the definition of sayings)

For Students

For teachers:

For those learning other languages (not specifically English). [I’m just starting to look for Cantonese resources, and will post the links here–mainly so I can come back when I have more time]:

NOTES: Visiting websites can allow viruses into your computer. Be sure your anti-virus software is up to date! Since the web is constantly changing, it is impossible to keep up with broken links–if something doesn’t work, you might try to Google it! Also, many websites outside China do not always work inside China (where I teach); sorry if you can’t connect from your location.

EFL/ESL Teachers: Do you have “favorite links” that we need to know about? Write to me, and if we like them too we’ll add your suggestions to See “About us” for an email address.


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